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Trying to get people to like and/or listen to you is a full time job….

We have FB to publish the life we want others to see we’re leading, polluting us with fake positives. Twitter to vent our anger (as long as it’s under 280 characters), abuse those we don’t know and anonymously fire written bullets at anyone who stands against us. Finally and not insignificantly, we have Insta to show the sunny side of the life we lead.

We do we put the bad shit? The harmful stuff? The inner demonic thoughts that we know people will be scared of? When you reach out on one of those heavily scrutinised (and sanitised) mediums, you’re ridiculed or easily ignored, with a flick of a finger.

Of course we have the multitude of ‘copy and paste’ hopeful messages, which are primarily used as click-bait and FF’s. Whilst they might raise awareness originally, as time goes by, undesirables grip them and a diluted metaphor is hastily attached to a timeline, so you’re not ‘the one who didn’t’

We have evolved from writing on cave walls, to graffitiing CoOp with a slogan, to pointing out fashion faux pas curtesy of the Sun. Watching single views of the ultra negative news, because we like the applications ease of use, without understanding the narrative propaganda being vomited on us. We pay for subscriptions, so we aren’t the odd one out at lunch time chats, when the fridge is empty. We buy knock off apparel, in an attempt to be TOWIE, but match it with F&F to stay real.

But what are we hiding? What lurks beneath all of this? Who are we? What are we doing? Where are we going? Are we happy?

What if we get to the end, are given feedback and we get thrown in again?

‘Ding, Ding, round 3,412… this time you’re in XXX country, where you will endure a civil war, watch your family killed, a mid-life political prisoner and become an ageing internet/nextgen celebrity’

Watch Adam Curtis films when you think you know what’s going on.

Read John Nivens Second Coming and No Good Deed, when you become disillusioned.

Hunt down Paul Neilans Apathy and Other Small Victories when you just need to laugh.

Put down the phone and just don’t read for day or two. Understand more about what makes you happy and cut away the elements that make you unhappy. We’ve one life, no one should be telling you how to live it.

‘My Pen is my sword

My pen is my Beretta’

*Roots Manuva

This public service announcement was brought to you by a desperate author for likes and shares.

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