To write or fail miserably/not write/capitulate

There seems to be rules for writing. But, I’ve never been one for rules. It feels a little suffocated, directorial even. mostly, I feel isolated, stood on my own, battling against the solid rocks of writing etiquette.

I love the #writingcommunity on Twitter, hundreds, if not thousands of authors, asking for help, support, advice and in my case, stupid questions. They are brilliant people, that I can’t help but compare myself against and feel overwhelmed by.

‘I wrote 10,000 words today – feeling energised people!!’

Where as I, scribbled the name of a lead character (based on a mash up of two chaps I know), on the back of a Costa receipt as I drift from one ‘important’ meeting to the next, tripping over my title and wondering if everyone feels like this?

Authors I love to read, don’t seem to adhere to rules. Although I don’t know them, I have wispy day dreams that the Craig Clavenger, Paul Neilan and Jim Dodge’s of our literary world, are the essence of Keith’s; Moon and Richards. I imagine that once they found an agent, long 3rd party arguments took place, where they stood up for their work, their passion, their voice and they wouldn’t back down or change it. Wholeheartedly believing in the words that fell out of their minds, unwilling to relent and drop the double entendres.

I’m years into this now and I don’t know if I want to write more or sell something. Life is comfortable for us as a family, I don’t quite have a Tassimo, but I have a home gym, so we are well on the way to somewhere in the middle.

Rejection letters are great in many ways. Someone is reading your stuff, probably throwing it in the bin with a sigh. You occasionally get feedback ‘you’re shit and you don’t know it’ and lovingly, you get ones where you know you got inside their head and scrabbled it a little.

If I wrote ‘normally’ with a construct used in millions of other books, would an agent look more favourably at me? Not throw me right out? Probably not. But, where is the fun In conforming?

Stories I want to tell, not stories I want to sell.

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